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Web to Dashboard

Click on web to dashboard to get all your leads from landing pages.

 We allow connecting your landing pages to crm system and getting instant leads.

 You won’t miss any lead who visits your website simply by filling out a form.

Lead Process

Click on Lead to view Lead Detail page.

 Lead Detail contains all captured Lead Info

Click on Edit Lead Info to edit and update information as required.

Work Center

Work center is a quick links to keep track of your activity of any particular lead following actions:

Add a Note help to add multiple notes regarding progress of particular lead.

 Things to do help to keep reminder of your meeting, appointment etc.

 Add a document helps to upload lead related file in different format.

 Add tag help to create tag for each lead.


Convert your potential lead to deal just by 1 click.

 View all deals and update status in deal section.


Click on setting to view Setting page.

Setting page contains all manage option so you can edit with edit button.

 Setting Detail

Maintain your customer form, sources and statuses. You can also find the necessary tools to capture leads from your website, landing page, or e-mail blast.

Integrate web to dashboard for generate lead from other source.

Create tags so you can visually separate & organize leads in a way to be most beneficial to you

You can also manage currency, report and people by clicking on edit button .


 Reports are a vital aspect of sales clipboard CRM, it fetches the results of your sales and marketing efforts all together.

 Here you can see total number of leads/Deals that come in during a month.

Separately you can see the sources of your leads or deals come from. 

Users Report help to understand which users close how many leads/deals through. It gives better conversion idea of users. 

  The stage at which your leads converted, helping you identify opportunities to close leads in a shorter time

Create Quotation

Here you can add quotation.

Create quote is all about send quotation to your customer.

You can manage tax also.

Paper work will be reduced.

Customize your quote with own message.

Import  Lead

Here you can see import lead form and also import bulk lead .

SalesClipboard import leads from any genuine CSV, XML, Vacrd, XLXs file.

Download csv,xml,xisx and vcard files by clicking on download button .


 Here you can see of all active users.

 On the basis of their assigned role you can restrict the access to the CRM.

 As Owner you have complete control over security and prevent data leaks by specific role permission.

This feature allows you to keeps your customers’ data safe and what to see by different users within your CRM.


ToDo’s basically a set of reminder that show up in LMN to make sure specific tasks get done.

To-Do’s help you to prioritize your tasks, plan your time and meet deadlines.

Here you can see G-Calendar for time-management and scheduling calendar service.

Export lead